Salzburg Bough

“At the salt mines of Hallein near Salzburg the miners throw a leafless wintry bough into one of the abandoned workings. Two or three months later, through the effect of waters saturated with salt which soak the bough and then let it dry as they recede, the miners find it covered with a shiny deposit of crystals."                                     —Stendhal, On Love, 1822

The Salzburg Bough takes its inspiration from the chapter in Stendhal’s book describing "crystallization," the most important stage in the act of falling in love.  This metaphorical term describes attraction as being the shimmering crystals encrusted on an otherwise ordinary leafless bough.  The piece was originally installed in the former salt factory in Salzburg that inspired Stendhal's writing and has been re-created for exhibitions in Chicago, New York and London.



Salzburg Bough, 

Dimensions Variable, Salt, Crystals, Branches + Motor

Installation View, AC Institute, New York, 2010

Installation View,  Alte Saline, Salzburg, Austria, 2007

Installation View, Alte Saline, Salzburg, Austria, 2007


Installation View, ThreeWalls Gallery, Chicago, 2007

Salzburg Bough, Installation Video, 57 seconds, 2007