The French Revolution

The French Revolution serves as an overarching theme tying together fractured pieces of a re-worked history as expressed through various media. Symbols and themes taken from this time and other tropes of "frenchness" are appropriated and placed in modern contexts to serve as a bridge between history and the modern-day while skewing our notions of truth and desire.

Hair à la Victime, 30x40in, C-Print, 2006

The Bloody Ribbon, 30x40in, C-Print, 2006

The Liberty Cap, 30x40in, C-Print, 2006

 Les Misérables, 30x40in, C-Print, 2006

Guillotines, 2x4in each, Embroidery, 2006

Toile de Jouy, Dimensions Variable, Wallpaper, 2006

Me on the Seine Dreaming of Kissing You (in French), 44x65in, Pigment Print, 2006

Installation View, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, 2008

Installation View, Gallery 2, Chicago, 2007